Chiara Bertani | Once upon a time…
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I grew up in my family’s workshop in Verona, among wool and cotton balls that, to my child’s eyes, magically turned into knitted goods.


And I breathed the air of creativity since childhood, coltivating, step by step, the knowledge that the creation of knitwear is a form of art.

A skilled art passed to me by my mother with professionalism and passion.


At the end ofa my studies, I worked in the italian fashion capital and I’ve gained an important experience in Paris.


Today, in the family’s workshop, I create and produce knitwear for women who love playing with style, colours, contrasts too.

Women like me. Modern women, attentive to the quality of the yarn and the details, which are reflected in my collections’ style balanced between tradition and innovation.


Chiara Bertani